President Trump is going through a rough phase for sure. Recently, he concluded his two days trip to London to attend the NATO summit. President Trump’s conduct during the meeting was highly controversial. Some of the leading news agencies in the United States pointed out the wrong and confusing statements given by the President. 

During the meeting, President Trump criticized his French counterpart and the domestic impeachment inquiry led by Democrats. He revealed that the ongoing impeachment case is aiming to hamper his political aspirations. Unlike previous meetings, this time, various world leaders were not sympathetic about domestic conflicts. They were ready to criticize President Trump in every possible aspect. 

President Macron rejected Trump’s statement repeatedly during their one-on-one interaction. On the other hand, a video showcased that the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was calling President Trump’s conduct as two-faced. 

Impact of the Meeting on Domestic Voters

The international summit has zero effect on the domestic voters of the United States, an expert revealed. Doug Heye, a national leader of the Republican party, explained that the development might influence those people whose primary concern is foreign policy. Heye further stated that the recent meeting would not help President Trump in any manner. 

The leaders in the meeting signed a declaration, where they criticized the aggression of Russia and addressed the impact of terrorism in the world. In a rare piece of the event, President Trump praised the efforts of NATO. As President Donald Trump often criticizes the old military coalition, experts are treating the praise as a positive sign. 

Rachel Ellehuus, an expert about Europe and NATO, said that various foreign leaders annoyed by the unpredictability of PresidentTrump. The meeting also showcased the French President Macron, who is trying to fill the existing void in European leadership. But, agreeing to a common declaration is the real highlight of the meeting. 

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