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On Wednesday, President Donald Trump signs two bills in support of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. The recent development will boost the morale of the protestors and will complicate the ongoing schedule of trade talks between the United States and China. 

The United States maintained a special trading relationship with Hong Kong since 1992. The recent bill will force the United States to review the status of freedom for the semi-autonomous country. If China takes any measures that hamper the independence of Hong Kong, the United States will withdraw the special status given to Hong Kong. Experts predict that if the United States withdraws the given special status, it would be a big blow to the prosperous economy of the semi-autonomous country. 

One of the signed bills allows the United States administration to put sanctions against the officials who were responsible for human rights abuse. They will also face the traveling restriction to the United States. President Trump revealed that he signed the bills for his respect for China and the people of Hong Kong. President Trump also expects that the governments of both countries would settle their differences and work for the development of the region. 

The Strong Reaction from China

China reacted strongly after the President’s signature on the two bills supporting the pro-democracy protest. A statement released by the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly criticized the United States’ move on the sensitive issue. The report claims that the United States is interfering in the domestic policies of China. Chinese officials termed the USA’s action as bullying. The move is vehemently opposed by both the Chinese government and the people in the county. They accused the United States of destroying the stability in the region. It will ruin the great system adopted by both countries, such as ‘one country, two systems. China warns that it will take a strong countermeasure against the bills. 

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