Senate Trial
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US politics will encounter a severe issue on Tuesday. As President Donald Trump will face the Senate trial on Tuesday, there seems to be much speculation about the trial. The trial will decide the fate of the US President whether he will face impeachment or not. The trial will create even more national divides, say the experts.

Political History

The day will witness a vital moment in American political history. There will be a committee of 100 senators, who will serve as the jury to decide Trump’s fate. Removal of Trump from his position is a significant issue that the jury will decide. Notably, Trump faces the humiliation for abusing his powers on Ukraine for personal benefit. 

Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, is heading the plan of the trial. The plan forces the House impeachment managers to deliver the case in two sessions. Each session will be of 12 hours each and the chances of stretching to midnight. The legal team of President Trump will also have the same amount of time to rest their side. Wednesday afternoon will see the opening arguments of the case.

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Trump’s trial uncovers the political divide

Apart from the fate of President Trump, the Senate trial also reveals the internal political divide in the country. The dispute on the third impeachment trial is in the news since its emergence. The matter of the exploitation of the presidential powers is the primary concern for the country lately.

The importance of every battle during the senate trial is of much political significance. Democrats want the Senate to call the new witnesses for the trial. The demand is for John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani, and Mick Mulvaney, the staff chief of White House. All eyes in the nation seem to be on the Senate trial as the President takes on the trial.

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