Prince William and Kate Middleton are seen together as the couple made their first appearance in 2022. This wonderful couple is known for their interest in helping those who are in need. They have been part of several charity foundations and are seen taking a genuine interest in the well-being of their people.

According to the British TV host Mary Berry, who has previously worked with them, “they don’t just arrive and shake a few hands, make a few smiles and a speech, they want to get involved, and they want to see what they can do. And it isn’t just one visit, they come back again and ask for the results and they remember who they spoke to last time. I think that’s remarkable”

One of their favorite charity organizations includes the Foundling Hospital — the United Kingdom’s first children’s charity and public art gallery. As per the official webpage, the Foundling Museum aims, “to inspire adults and children to make a positive contribution to society, by celebrating the power of individuals and the arts to change lives.”

And this was the location the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose to visit for their very first appearance of this year. According to the reports, they discussed the future of the foster care system of the United Kingdom and talked about the challenges children face during their times in the system. They also met with poet-writer Lemn Sissay who had been part of the system.

Their first visit together was a success but unfortunately, they too had to face the Media’s questions regarding the Duke of York. The royal family has been part of the headlines since the case against Prince Andrew became public knowledge. Recently, a statement has been issued by Buckingham Palace which was a declaration that he has been stripped of his royal titles and the news of him shutting down his social media accounts is also in the headlines.

During their visit, Prince William was asked about his views on his uncle. He was asked, “Do you support Prince Andrew?”

According to ET Canada, Prince William didn’t hear the question initially and replied, “Sorry, I can’t hear you.” When the question was repeated, he was escorted away by his aides. The question remained unanswered.

Prince William isn’t the first royal to go through these questions. Previously Prince Charles also ignored the question regarding Prince Andrew.

We understand that these questions might be uncomfortable for the royal family but their viewpoint is highly significant as the charges against the Duke of York are very disturbing and justice needs to be served.

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