Recycling things has become an essential part of living a substantial lifestyle. Multiple fields are applying this concept and doing their best to contribute to making our world a healthy planet. Yet, we haven’t detected the uniform level of recycling in fashion as in other domains. The reason behind their lack of contribution is the process of recycling clothes, and it is much more complex and challenging than the methods used in recycling plastic and paper.

The major brands that are contributing include H&M and Cotton On. Surprisingly, the basis of these recycled fibers usually isn’t clothing. Recycled polyester succeeds from plastic bottles, and recycled cotton is generally carved from manufacturing waste.

Despite their beliefs, most clothing is not formulated to be recycled. Also, the fashion industry lacks the infrastructure required to adopt a circular economy model.

The reason behind such difficulty is the numerous unique textures of clothing available in the market. For instance, A sophisticated garment such as a lined jacket easily comprises more than five distinct materials, as well as trims including buttons and zippers. Hence, each fiber will need to be separated before recycling, which requires labor and can be costly.

Despite such challenges, we can see that some of the brands have done their part in contributing to the cause. Companies such as BlockTexx and Evrnu have created processes to recycle fibers from blended fabrics, though such recycled fibers aren’t yet widely accessible.

If one genuinely wants to help, re-use your fashion items and brands. There’s a ton of indication that lessening clothing consumption by wearing items longer and purchasing second-hand is suitable for acquiring a recycled fiber wardrobe.

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