It is rumored that Apple will be relating the Redesign Apple Airpods in the year 2021 and the new version of the Apple AirPods Pro in the next year 2022.

It suggests that the new Airpods will be having a shorter stem on each ear. Therefore bringing them to the closer look as AirPods Pro. As Apple on the side of pro is testing to have completely lacked the stem. The sources claim that the stem-less design will first appear in Beats headphones that will be announced in June.

It is also suggested that the new Non-Pro AirPods will be having a new case design. On the other hand, it is expected that the Pro version will be having motion-sensing technology that would be used for fitness tracking. It seems that Apple’s main focus is on the earbuds and in-ear headphones and not on the new over-ear headphones.

Also, with this, Apple just launched its new over-ear headphones under the name Apple AirPods Max, late last year. Some of the reports suggest that Apple is not currently working on that part.

Apple classifies the AirPods as wearables because it is launching them in the same product class under which they have registered Apple Watch. It is claimed that Apple quarterly tells about the earnings to the stakeholders. But this time it is expected that these two AirPods will give a good profit chart to the company on the part of sale and services both.

With this, one of the reports also suggests that Apple now rakes in $30 billion in revenue annually from wearables alone. But on the other hand, iPhone still dominates the sales for the company. Whereas on the other side Wearables account for just over 10 percent of sales.

However, till now there is no other news about the New AirPods that can tell its specifications, price, launch date, and other details. Apple usually in the first quarter focuses on iPads. The second thing that comes is the  WWDC. Which focuses primarily on software but often also includes new services and sometimes Macs or Mac accessories.

Then comes the launch of the new iPhone with the release of the new Apple watch. So, it is expected that the new AirPods might take the stand with the WWDC event or any other single event just for AirPods launch might occur.

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