Take a look at the newly released trailer for a new anime series developed by the same studio that brought you the famous series Attack on Titan. The title of the anime is revealed to be Vampire in the Garden.

While Attack on Titan presented a world in which humanity had erected a wall to keep out menacing giants, the narrative of Vampire in the Garden seemed to mirror a fight between vampires and humans in a fictitious civilization where vampires govern the earth, with two protagonists striving to preserve it.

The first teaser for Vampire in the Garden appeared this weekend at Japan’s Anime Convention 2022, giving us the first look of the upcoming Netflix series, which will be released on May 16.

Ryotaru Makihara directs this project. He has also contributed to several popular anime series. Attack on Titan is only one example of the rapidly expanding anime series and business.

Release date of Vampire in the Graden.

The series will premiere on Netflix globally on May 16, 2022.

The Plot of Vampire in the Graden.

Because the Vampire in the Garden tale is wholly unique, we don’t know much about the plot’s precise direction, the characters, or the universe that this anime series developed.

However, based on the trailer, it seems intriguing. It offers something fresh by depicting vampires as the predators they have always looked to be comprised of and possible hazards to humanity. It indicates that the vampires in the novel are more reminiscent of their traditional horror beginnings.

Furthermore, the clip includes unusual and lethal monsters, hinting that the legendary creatures in the story’s kingdom are not restricted to blood-sucking demons.

This dark, twisted world’s animation appears to be a potential HIT. We only have a month to find out about this upcoming magical anime series.

Vampire in the Garden | Official Trailer | Netflix

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