Visitors to the U.N. summit in Lisbon next week may be encouraged by their efforts to protect the sea by looking out of the windows of the area on Portugal’s tallest river where dolphins are bathed today to delight locals and visitors.

The number of dolphins swimming from the Atlantic to the mouth of the Tagus River in Lisbon has recently increased dramatically as pollution has decreased.

“Over the last 10 years, as a result of water improvements, we have started to see wildlife more often,” says local sailor and guide Bernardo Queiroz, who is planning a trip to see the common dolphins in the river.

“We used to see (dolphins) 10 times a year and now we have 200 days a year,” he said.

Queiroz’s tourism business aims to raise awareness of the importance and benefits of conservation.

Top officials and scientists from more than 120 countries will attend the five-day U.N. conference. Ocean Conference in Lisbon is starting Monday.

The United Nations hopes that the conference, which begins on Monday, will bring renewed momentum to international efforts to secure an international agreement to protect the world’s oceans.

There is no complete legal framework covering the oceans. Oceans cover about 70 percent of the Earth’s surface and provide billions of people with food and livelihood. Some activists refer to it as the largest unregulated area in the world.

Oceans face a “severe” threat posed by global warming, pollution, acid reflux, and other problems, says the U.N.

The conference is expected to adopt the proclamation that, although we are not responsible for the signatories, we can assist in the implementation and promotion of the protection and conservation of the oceans and their resources, according to the U.N. The announcement is due to be approved by Friday.

But what can be achieved is an important new international agreement for Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction, also known as the High Seas Treaty.

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