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During the start of the decade 2000, researchers had recovered the fossil skeletons of two T. Rex. These skeletons found at Carter Country, Montana, with the help of Burpee Museum of Natural History. The museum is located in Rockford, Illinois. 

About the study of fossils

The research, which is known as “ Growing up Tyrannosaurus rex,” was published in journal Science Advances. A co-author of the study, Woodward state that there are many museums that all collect the most significant fossil of dinosaur for display. But they will not pay any attention to small fossils which may be of young dinosaurs. For that reason, until now, there is no correct explanation about how they grow to a significant size. 

When they recover the young T. Rex fossil, you can see that it help a lot in research. After that only, researchers able to study and calculate the bones and their proportions and how they change. Apart from that all, it too helps them in studying the growth of the young dinosaur and their ages also. 

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What does the study reveal?

Well, after they have done research these young size fossil of T. Rex, they claim that these dinosaurs grow at a fast rate. The growth rate is so fast that the current warm blood animals and mammals, too, don’t become at that speed. Moreover, if you will see the statement from Woodward, it states that the rings in the bone are like the rings in the trees. 

The research of two fossil skeletons of young T. Rex are Jane, who is 13 years and Petey, who is 15 years old. 

Before the research, there was speculation that the two fossils may be a small pygmy. But after the review, it concludes that these fossils skeletons are of young T. Rex dinosaurs and are not any new pygmy. 



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