Resident Evil is one of the most profitable and long-running video game brands, and it appears to have been around for a very long time. The addictive zombie-killing thrill rush of a game has generated the highest-earning film series based on a video game, making more than $1 billion.

The expectation for more frightening Resident Evil action has reached an all-time high, owing to a lack of new movies and the excellent Resident Evil remakes that have lately hit platforms.

The live-action Resident Evil Netflix series will premiere in July, and the official teaser appeared at Geeked Week 2022. We had two teases before that.

Resident Evil Netflix series premiere date and number of episodes

The new show will premiere on July 14, 2022, and its initial season will consist of eight episodes.

Synopsis of the Netflix series Resident Evil

The Resident Evil Netflix series will provide fans with a completely new tale set in two separate timeframes. The first season will include eight hour-long episodes and be part of the ever-expanding Resident Evil universe.

According to Deadline, the Resident Evil Netflix series will follow the two daughters of Dr. Albert Wesker, a key protagonist in the genre who is one of the people responsible for the zombie-creating T-virus. One of the game’s most known antagonists, Wesker, is given superhuman skills by the deadly disease.

The show will follow Jade and Billie Wesker as adolescents before everything goes downhill and another timeline in which Jade is in her thirties after the zombie apocalypse. It will also investigate the dark inner workings of the sinister Umbrella Corporation, the franchise’s primary nemesis throughout its history, and the status of the globe following the T-virus outbreak.

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