The latest incident has been reported in NCR Delhi, which has been grasping a massive amount of attention and buzz all over social media and media channels. The shocking incident is about a retired IAS Officer, slapping a woman and then later her husband thrashing the retired IAS officer. Yes, you all have read it right this is a real incident that happened in Noida NCR Delhi. Stay tuned till the end to know all about this shocking and bizarre incident.

Retired IAS Officer Slaps Woman

According to the reports, this incident happened in a housing society in Noida, where an argument broke out between, a resident woman and this retired IAS officer, over the issue of bringing her dog inside the society lift. Reports further claim that the retired IAS officer slapped the woman while she was trying to snatch his phone, as he was trying to call someone during an ongoing argument between him and the woman in the lift. Yes, the former burocrate slapped the woman, in the lift. This shocking and wild incident happened in the Parx Laureate Society sector 108 Noida.

This incident was well recorded in the CCTV camera installed in the elevator. In the video it is evident that the woman has been snatching and putting his phone when he tried to call someone on his phone, the altercation goes to the next level just after this as he then slaps the woman. The incident doesn’t stop here, but it escalates to another level as after this, the husband of the slapped woman enters the scene and thrashes the Retd IAS officer in the elevator. He lost his temper as soon he got to know how the Retd. The officer slapped his wife and he dragged the officer in the lift and thrashed him in the elevator. The whole incident was recorded in the CCTV installed in the elevator.

The whole issue was about taking the dog in the lift, that was the issue which turned out into such a ugly scene. The police was immediately called according to the reports, Noida Police is working on this case and will soon be releasing any official statement on this incident. Although the video of this incident has been massively viral on social media and trending the social media charts. Social media is flooded with reactions of public from all over. A large amount of people are seen supporting the woman, and lecturing and trolling the Retd. IAS for his violent slap. While a large amount of netizens are criticising the woman and her husband for mercilessly and inhumanily thrashing the old man. The division is clearly evident among the netizens. We are keeping a track on this incident and will keepp you posted with all the latest developments and updates coming in this case. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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