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In recent days, the movement against disposable plastic is growing like never before. As a result, most of the countries started using reusable plastics to prevent environmental degradation. Many grocery stores are using reusable plastics to carry goods. The public perceptions of reusable plastics are generally good, and environmentalists are okay with the usage of reusable plastics, which often used multiple times for multiple purposes. 

But in contrary to everyone’s expectation, these reusable plastic bags are thicker in comparison to their single-use counterparts. As a result, they require significantly more plastic to make, which leads to degradation of the environment. Plastic, irrespective of their nature, are bad for the environment and contribute to the ongoing climate change. As fossil fuel used in the making process of plastic, it generally produces greenhouse gases. 

The Recent Reports

A recent report published by the collaboration of the Environmental Investigation Agency and Greenpeace suggests that the reusable plastic bags often termed as bags for life in the region failed to make an impact, and failed miserably. According to the report, the top 10 biggest grocery stores across the UK sold around 1.5 billion bags in 2019. The number suggests 54 bags per household, which is significantly higher than the previous year number. 

The case was a little better last year. The top eight stores in the UK, which were contributing 75% of the whole market, sold only 959 million plastic bags. The Frozen Food Store sold around 34 million plastic bags in 2019, which is more than ten times what the supermarket sold last year. 

Various reports suggest the rapid increase in the use of plastic bags. Therefore, it is clear that the government did not implement the rules correctly. Experts say that people are not getting the incentive for not using the plastic; as a result, they are buying these plastic bags like never before, without concerning about the environment. 

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