The aftermath of the explosion was dealt with previously, with Archie and Betty gaining superpowers, and Jug became almost deaf, while veronica put his dad for a bounty, resulting in Hiram’s death.

Let’s start with what happened in Episode 7 of season 6.

Veronica is dealing with the death of her father first thing she does is confesses everything to Reggie about the hit. She later hosts a memorial service at the casino to bid farewell to her father. Veronica invites her mother and grandmother to the funeral, and Hermoine seems to arrive with her TV crew. As she asks her mom over the dinner to talk to her in private to tell her what actually happened but Hermoine takes it as a chance to discuss how Veronica has loved her dad. Later Veronica delivers a Eulogy at Hiram’s service. She is then handed a special message from Hiram about how much he has loved her, and she’s always been the apple of his eye. He left her his rum business.

For Jughead, he struggles to hear throughout the whole episode. He can’t get cochlear implants for another six months, so he is stuck in the deafness and learning ASL, but he seems to avoid that. He meets Daniel, a man who lost his hearing in his 20s, and wrote a graphic novel on his experiences. He became inspired by him, and he decided to write his own graphic novel until he noticed that he could hear Tabitha’s thoughts. Yes, he also gained some superpowers, probably the most useful one.

As we speak of superpowers, Archie and Betty are dealing with the side effects of their special abilities. Archie finds out that he is vulnerable around Palladium like it’s his kryptonite when his house was get reconstructed. The TBK seems to know Archie’s weakness as he has warned Betty that he will come for him next. Denis, a guy working at Archie’s house, hit him on the head and tied him in the attic of his house. He is the Trash Bag Killer. Yes, we know who the TBK is. Alice drops by just in time to save the day, and Bingo knocks out Denis Out of the Window.

Betty is dealing with heavy migraines, and TBK seems to be her blind spot. She cannot sense any field around his head. He threatens her by sending the cut pieces of Glenn’s body in her mail. She decides to leave Riverdale and lure away TBK and save Archie. Betty promised him that she would be back asap!

Cheryl is not Cheryl anymore; she is possessed by her ancestor Abigail, who sets her sight on Toni, the ancestor of her Beloved Thomasina. She finds out that Toni is dating the descendant of Thomasina’s murderer. When Nana Rose calls Toni the ‘serpent trash’ Abigail (Cheryl) locks her and assures her that she will take Riverdale back and before that, she will win Toni first. In the ending, we see Abigail shatters the mirror, and we see Cheryl trying to break through it.

Kevin is in town to look after baby Anthony. What the hell is this Perkin Pervical guy doing at Hiram’s service? He doesn’t seem to be a nice guy. We will soon find out more in the next episode premiering on April 3, exclusively on The CW.

We can say that Riverdale is in full gear this season with all the darkness, mystery, horrors. The town feels like going back to its roots. Till then, stay tuned for more exciting updates.

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