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S21 Rumors

The year it might be difficult to forget for obvious reasons, but the year of 2021 is looking forward to bring brightness to the future of Samsung by launching the S21 series in February 2021. The next coming up series the flagship series is coming earlier than the time decided earlier.

Because of apple’s launch of the iPhone 12, there is not much time left for the launch of the Q1 period. Till now you must have heard some of the rumors relating to the launch of the S21. But this time let’s come to the direct talk that Samsung has decided to launch the S21 series in the year 2021 till February.

Also, the S20 series of Samsung has not shown up much in the sales chart, the sales chart is on sustainability after the launch of the S20. Moreover, the note series of Samsung has also not shown growth in the sales chart. so, it is expected from the S21 series to give a revolution to the Samsung industry in the mobile sector.

Although the rumors for the S21 series were there from the midway of 2020 the confirmed news was there in the last month that confirmed the launch but not the date.

An earlier’s news for the launch of the new device may disturb or upgrade your personal cycle. And as usual, the customers are waiting for something groundbreaking and interesting in the S21 series

Now here comes out some of the important facts about the s21 series that one should know about:-


Samsung has carved out a reasonably solid path for the galaxy s series that skirts the fine line between innovative and attractive. The public seems to expect the same fine shape this time around but the rumors expect a change in size this time.

Earlier rumors said that might the series will ditch some premium materials and could even revert to the flat displays.

The decision of introducing a flat display will be a wise decision as most of the other competitors are introducing flat display in all the mobile phones.

The audience will not have to worry about the size of the mobile as the three models will be chosen the same as the old series the Samsung s21 small,s21 middle option, and s21 ultra that will be ranging In the sizes of 6.2, 6.7, 6.8 inches respectively


The camera of the S21 series will be ranging in the following types:-

Galaxy S21’s main sensor will be of 12 Megapixel

Galaxy S21+’s main sensor will be of 12 Megapixel

Galaxy S21 Ultra’s main sensor will be of 108 Megapixel

The ultrawide sensor for the small and middle option s21 will be of 12 Megapixel and same will be oft the ultra version

The telephoto for the small and middle version will be 64 Megapixel and for the S21 Ultra series it will be of 10 Megapixel 3 x optical, 10- megapixel 10 x optical

The Selfie camera will have 40 Megapixelfor all the 3 versions.

Following colors will be provided in the 3 of the versions:-

Galaxy S21:-
1. Phantom Violet
2. Phantom Pink
3. Phantom Gray
4. Phantom White

Galaxy S21+
1. Phantom Silver
2. Phantom Black
3. Phantom Violet

Galaxy S21 Ultra
1. Phantom Black
2. Phantom Silver

Here comes the overall features for all the three versions

On the basis of Display:-

Galaxy S21 will be of 6.2-inch / 120Hz / FHD+ / AMOLED

Galaxy S21+ will be of 6.7-inch / 120Hz / FHD+ / AMOLED

Galaxy S21 Ultra will be of 6.8-inch / Adaptive 120Hz / WQHD+ / AMOLED

On the basis of chipset

All the versions contain the same i.e. of Snapdragon 888 / Exynos 2100

On the basis of RAM

Only the Galaxy S21 Ultra provides the 12GB RAM

On The Basis Of Storage

Galaxy S21 provides storage for 128GB

Galaxy S21+ provides storage for 128GB/256GB

Galaxy S21 Ultra provides storage for 128/256/512 GB

On the basis of battery

Galaxy S21 will have a battery life of 4,000mAh

Galaxy S21+ will have a battery life of 4,800mAh

Galaxy S21 Ultra will have a battery life of 5,000mAh

On the Basis of software

The software will be the same for all the versions

On the basis of connectivity

All the versions will provide the same connectivity but only in the Ultra version there will be Wi-Fi of 6 E and on others, it will be 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1

The pricing will be simple but a little bit painful

Galaxy S21 will be €849 (128 GB)

Galaxy S21+ will be out for two models i.e. €1,049 (128 GB)/ €1,049 (128 GB)

Galaxy S21 Ultra will be €1,399 (128 GB)

Samsung is trying to launch the device by Jan 14 with the end of the pandemic.

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