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The best known for playing Harry Potter in the fiction, Danielle Radcliffe, has been under pressure by the internet for playing MCU’s Wolverine for quite a time now. But now his co-star wants him to be cast as the lead in The Wolverine.

The Harry Potter face will soon be playing a role in Weird: The Yankovich Story. Currently, he can be seen playing on the big screen in The Lost City opposite Sandra Bullock. The actor has several projects in his hand, but the internet antici[pates him playing the role of The Wolverine.

At the premiere of The Lost City, while speaking to, he mentioned that he appreciates the fans’ eagerness and relevancy of making a ‘short guy’ play the character. Still, he clarified that neither has he been approached for the role nor does he see them even considering him after Hugh Jackman’s acting in the role.

The Lost City co-star has now joined the casting suggestion campaign. Bullock asked Danielle if it would be weird waking up and finding out that he had been cast for The Wolverine. Radcliffe answered that the same has been happening to him for three years; Sandra counter questions that don’t just do it, and he replied that no one has even asked him in reality; it is just twitter speculation. Bullock then asked the wolverine people to stop tip-toeing around and having people ask at press junkets and just cast the man for the role.

Talking about a fanart that went viral on Twitter, Radcliffe said that it was a very flattering mockup. He always clarifies that it is just a Twitter rumor, but people take that as a confirmation. He mentioned that it is just a fan theory, but he welcomes the comparison as anyone would get them compared to Hugh Jackman.

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