Our all-time favorite shows Sasural Simar Ka 2 has now reached a very exciting juncture where Aarav starts realizing his love for Simar. In tonight’s episode, we will see that Simar goes to the temple with Aarav and prays to Devi Maa for his father and says that she knows that her father is innocent and he has not done anything wrong. She requests God to free her father from Jill and keep her safe from all conspiracy. Aarav looks at Aarav’s god and requests them to fulfill all the wishes of Simar. Meanwhile, the Badi Maa throws a paper at Indu’s face and says that her husband, who is not coming out of jail, is shocked to see this side of Gitanjali in Avinash’s house.

Sandhya goes to Indu, meanwhile, Chitra stops her and makes her understand that if she goes between them, the Badi Maa will consider her as her enemy. She says that maybe the Badi Maa will relive Aditi once she is with Indu. Badi Maa tells Indu “Will I take your kids”, she says will take everything away from them as they have gone through so many things. But when Gagan ran away with Aditi, the limit of humility was crossed. The Badi Maa further says that she can save anything but cannot let her honor and prestige go to waste. Indu says crying that once Avinash Ji is released from jail, she will leave this city and will never come back. The Badi Maa replied and told Indu that she was wasting her time in asking for her family.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Episode


Because they should have thought before doing all this with Oswal’s. Hearing all this, Sandhya got worried. After that Itra went to Aditi’s room and she asked her if Aarav and Vivaan had come to her. Aditi replies by saying that they are locked here and she does not know anything about what is happening outside. Chitra pretends to be worried. Aditi asks him if anything wrong has happened. Chitra gives the correct answer The Hindu had come to apologize to the Badi Maa. But she has not listened to him but is also insulting him.

Chitra then tells him that the situation here is very serious and she doesn’t know how to handle it, she pretends to be very worried for him. Since Vivaan and Aarav is not here, how can she handle it alone? Aditi says that she will not let anything go wrong with Gagan’s mother. After that, she leaves there. Chitra tries to stop him in a so-called way. But she later lets him go. Chitra smiles thinking that what will happen when Aditi goes downstairs and stops Gitanjali Devi. To watch the full episode, don’t forget to watch Sasural Simar Ka 2 today at 6:30 pm only on Colors TV. Stay connected with us to get more written updates about the show.

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