Sasural Simar Ka 2 Tonights Episode

Today’s episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 starts with Simar being emotional seeing his father Avinash as he just came out of jail. The cops took Avinash with the handcuffs in his hand. His hands are all red. Simar is really feeling bad for him and starts crying. He says he is fine and asks her to stop crying.

Aarav comes to see his father-in-law. He apologizes to Avinash on behalf of his Badi Maa. Avinash says, he is not at fault so he doesn’t need to apologize. He says he is really feeling bad. Avinash says, stop all this. He knows his Badi Maa really well and she can go to any level to insult the Narayan family.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Tonights Episode

Aarav says he will be there for sure, no matter what. He further says, however, soon his relationship will be no more with Simar. But in just a few days, they have made a strong bond. Simar feels suffocated in that house but soon it’s all gonna be over. Then Indu comes and does his Aarti. Avinash really feels happy when he sees Simar and Aarav together. Then Avinash calls Gagan. Seeing him angry, Simar gets worried.

What just happened? Avinash suddenly faints. Simar runs to hold him. Reema comes and asks him, if he’s fine or not? Avinash does not consider Reema his daughter anymore. He brushes off her hand and asks her to stay away. Reema is shocked and asks why he is behaving like that?

Avinash tells her that when everything is cleared that he doesn’t consider her as his daughter anymore then why she is doing all this. Aarav tries to convince him that even Vivaan is so sensible and has the same values as me. Also, he tells him that Vivaan really loves his daughter. And, Reema is so happy with him.

Avinash is not ready to hear anything and neither to accept Reema again. Indu thinks that it would be inauspicious to send them back like this. She stops them. Then she does Simar, Aarav, and Vivaan Tilak along with Aarti. Reema is not sitting along as she is the one who did mistake.

Now, Avinash blesses Aarav and Simar. He gives the shagun envelope to Aarav. Vivaan touches Avinash feet but he doesn’t give any blessings to him. Rather he goes inside and come back along with another envelope. He gives that envelope to Vivaan. Further tells him that this is just because he’s Aarav’s brother. Reema says he is my husband too. Avinash says shutup and he won’t be accepting this relationship at all.

Here the episode ends. Stay tuned with us to get more updates on the show, Sasural Simar Ka 2.


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