The sources claim that Saweetie has something important to tell in the news as she recently just started a new project. Along with this The Shade Room also disclosed that the lady is very open-minded with her ideas towards social contribution.

Along with this, the TSR said that ‘She recently spoke to multiple publications about #PrettySummerPlaylist, and found herself speaking on her use of popular hit songs as samples,’

TSR also said that ‘While speaking with @HarpersBazaar, Saweetie was asked how she felt about people making the assertion that she has no original sound, and she said samples are just what she does and she does them well! A lot of Saweetie’s biggest hits– #IcyGirl, #TapIn, and #MyType— sampled songs from the early 2000s and she said she has no intention of stopping there.’

And in return, she said that ‘I’m gonna sample for the rest of my life; it’s my specialty,’

Someone commented on the post that ‘Huh really? So hip hop wasn’t built on breakbeats. Y’all really just want to be mad at someone for nothing,’ and one other follower said: ‘Exactly, that’s HER lane. Your favorite artist is sampling everything too, y’all just don’t know the references.’

A follower in return said that ‘Hip hop was created on sampling other music let shorty rocc lol,’ and one other follower said: ‘Everyone samples tho… so what the problem is?’

Again another follower said that ‘Honestly she’s made the songs worse than they were before ??‍♀️’

Then in return, someone said that ‘Plenty of songs are samples that y’all just don’t know about ?’ and a commenter posted this: ‘I mean artists have been sampling forever so why criticize her for doing it too ??‍♀️

After that, a fan said ‘Leave that girl be, y’all favorite rappers still using auto-tone cus that’s their specialty ???‍♀️.’

And in return someone said that ‘Her music isn’t even good y’all just like the way she looks,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘We Wouldn’t Care If She Actually Knew How To Rap, But She Dont ?’

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