Scarlett Johansson reveals there was once an “absurd” rumor that she had sex in an elevator on an upcoming episode of the podcast 9 to 5ish With the Skimm (via E! News).

“There was a rumor that went around for a very long time that said that I had sex in an elevator,” she said. “That was a story that followed me for a long time. But I always thought that was outrageous.”

According to Scarlett Johansson, there are a few reasons why the rumor is not true — for starters, who has sex in an elevator?!?

“I was always thinking to myself, That would be tough. It’s a very short period — the logistics of that seem so unappealing to me,” she said.

Scarlett Johansson also explained that she is typically a private person, to begin with.

“I’m a person who’s terrified of being caught doing something I’m not supposed to be doing,” she explained. “So that made the story even that much more absurd to me.”

This is not the first time that Scarlett Johansson’s recently commented on her own private life. She explained why she kept her pregnancy a secret last year.

“I’ve been so protective of both pregnancies, not wanting to feel scrutinized in the public eye,” she told Vanity Fair.

The podcast episode drops tomorrow, and you can read that Vanity Fair interview in full here.

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