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Finding the first light in the universe must be interesting, and would term as one of the remarkable achievements in human history. A team of researchers is trying their best to discover the holy light from the first-ever star of this universe. They are taking the help of the WMA radio telescope to find out the radiation. The researchers are planning to find the radiation from neutral hydrogen. As the hydrogen gas was the primary substance found in that age, the claim to see the first radiation in the universe makes sense. 

It took a massive amount of time for the formation of a star. The universe was extremely hot after the Big Bang explosion. The temperature was so high that even an atom could not form. As there were no atoms, the possibility of the star was nowhere. After a whopping 3,77,000 years after the Big Bang, the temperature of the universe reduced considerably, owing to the expansion of the universe. Once the universe cooled enough, atoms were able to form. Hydrogen was the dominant gas during that time, followed by helium and lithium. Then only the first star in the entire universe evolved. 

More about the Research

The MWA is located in the Western region of Australia. The MWA had 2048 antennas arranged in 128 tiles, since the beginning. But for these findings, the entire setup has changed. The researchers are searching for the faint signals from the neutral hydrogen. To capture the weak signal, the researchers increased the numbers of tile to as high as 248, Double the amount of initial number. The data received by these antennae are stored and analyzed in a supercomputer named Correlator. 

One of the scientists associated with the research team revealed that they set the radiation limit at the lowest position; as a result, if the radiation level is the same or higher than the set limit, researchers are confident to locate it. 


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