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Recently, an international team of space scientists detected two gamma-ray explosions. The organization states that the energies produced by the explosions were more potent than the other gamma-ray bursts detected ever. Gamm-ray explosion (GRBs) are the most powerful explosion known in the space. However, the latest event suggested that astronomers or scientists have underestimated the real power of GRBs. 

The astronomers have published three new papers in the journal Nature. In those papers, they have described the newly observed GRBs. They have named it GRB 190114C and GRB 180720B. Both of the bursts have recorded producing maximum energy photons. The observations cast new light onto these rare cosmic events and the process behind such mysterious circumstances. 

Understanding the mechanism behind the GRBs

As per the scientists, GRBs are expected to be triggered when massive stars collapse into the black holes. Such activities cause a supernova. The explosion creates a super potent and concentrated boost that can shoot heavy materials into deep space at around 99 percent of light speed. The rapidly triggering particles within the increase create gamma rays by interacting with radiation and magnetic fields. 

The gamma rays then continue to move through space, and some of them even reach earth. But when those rays enter into the earth’s atmosphere, the rays propel a particle that produces Cherenkov light. Using specially equipped or advanced telescope, such views can be detected. HESS- The High-Energy Stereoscopic System and MAGIC- the Major Atmospheric Gamma Imaging Cherenkov system has detected the rays. 

What the astronomers have to say? 

Levan, an astronomer from the team, said that the new findings produce the energy range over which the team can detect the gamma rays and disclose a new type of component of the emission, which is something new. The new observations provide the astronomers and scientists with a new way to understand physics under nature’s most extreme conditions. Levan also stated that such events might have already happened in past times. 

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