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In a recent development, scientists discovered the deepest point on land located in the Antarctica region. Scientists revealed that the exact point is on the Eastern side of the continent. The deepest point of the land located around 3.5 km below the ocean surface under the Glacier Denman. 

Before the discovery, scientists were claiming that the shore near the Dead Sea was the deepest land on the Earth. The spot is around 413 meters below the surface, which is around eight times lower than the recently discovered place. 

More about the Discovery by Scientists

Scientists formed a new map to showcase the mystery around Antarctica. Dr. Mathieu Morlighem, a co-scientist in the project- who worked for six long years, revealed that the recently published map is the most accurate in the history of the continent. 

Scientists used to use several radar instruments to detect the undiscovered portions of the continent. These radars were sending microwave pulses through the ice caps to know the topography of the land beneath the ice. Scientists revealed that there is still scope of discovery, as some portion of the continent remained undiscovered. 

Dr. Mathieu Morlighem revealed that the recent discovery is not the deepest portion of the world, as ocean trenches are significantly deeper in comparison to the deepest point on the land. 

The Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean remains the deepest point on the planet. The trench located on the western portion of the Pacific Ocean. It has a length of more than 11,000 meters from the surface of the Earth. 

The recent discovery will boost the research work in the mysterious continent. Scientists are also developing a model to predict the future of the cold continent. By using this model, one can simulate the future of the continent when the temperature of the Earth rises to the extreme. Experts believe that such development will inspire others to explore the undiscovered continent more. 

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