In May and June of 2018, scientists across the world detected a large number of seismic signals. Several others again detected similar signals in November 2018 as well. These signals were unique, and they created an uncanny humming sound. The sound lasted for around 20 minutes. 

At that time, scientists could not figure out the cause behind that humming sound. Therefore, it created a long-lasting curiosity among the scientist community. But, recently, a study finds the formation of a volcano under the oceanic surface was responsible for what happened earlier. 

The Initial Failure

The island of Mayotte observed the highest magnitude of earthquakes. The earthquake also observed between Madagascar and the African region. To identify the mysterious seismic signals, scientists carried out extensive research, including as many as 7,000 tectonic earthquakes. But, they could not figure out the exact cause of the seismic signal. As there were no seismic detection signal detectors on the ocean floor, researchers only studied the measured signals from the nearby surfaces. 

Unfolding the Mysterious Incident by Scientists

To get the details of the development, scientists developed a new method to reconstruct the past timeline. The study suggests that initially, the magma present in the mantle, around 18 km below the surface, started to rise. As a result, it created a channel on the oceanic surface, resulting in the formation of an underwater volcano. 

An ocean campaign spots a volcano in the same place that confirms the study result. Scientists revealed that at the time of the volcano formation they found a significant fall in earthquake activities. Scientists confirmed that the ground-level of the island lowed by seven-inch, owing to the volcanic activity. The volcano formation followed by a very long period signal. 

Mayotte island is itself a volcanic island, which erupted around 4,000 years ago. Currently, about 260,000 people are staying on the island, controlled by France. 

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