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As per reports, Congress has demanded about the financial records of the current president of US President Donald Trump. After that, now it is learned that the Supreme Court has issued an order about it and said Congress to stop asking for financial records. 

After all these developments, it was seen that now the court has agreed to put a stay order on the financial records of Trump. Earlier District of Columbia Court of Appeals was recognized to be asking for the President Trump records for his finances. They, too, requested to give all details about tax and other financial documents to the House Oversight Committee.  

As per the developments, it was seen that the case is like the one that is happening from Manhattan prosecutors with Mr. Trump’s accounting. They seek nearly eight years of business and other tax returns from him. It was learned that Trump, too, had filed a petition for review, and prosecutors have asked the court to deny it. 

What is the store for both parties in the coming weeks?

After all this high-intensity drama, it is seen that Chief Justice of Supreme Court John Roberts, along with eight justices, will be heading this case. They will now decide about the merits and how the thorny dilemma will now require them to go for the determination of congress authority. 

Earlier, lower courts had already been ruled out against the claims of Trump about the violation of Subpoena. In that place, it holds the House and asks them to pursue the documents which all are said to be legitimate to function. 

As per the lawyers of Trump, it was learned that they have argued about the House’s request, and it was unprecedented in terms of demand for all Trump’s papers. The decision of the high court will remain in effect till 5th December. 

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