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Nature is full of mysteries. Till now, human beings only know about four kinds of forces in the universe. Recently, the scientist community claimed to discover the fifth kind of power, and they named it X 17. A group of scientists in Hungary claimed that they found a fifth kind of force, which is instrumental for the functioning of this universe. 

Scientists in Hungary predict that the X 17 might be a particle, which potentially connects dark matter to the visible world. The lead scientists in the project, Attila Krasznahorkay, revealed that the group spotted the X 17 particle three years ago. During an experiment, the scientists found that the electrons and positrons of a decaying isotope of beryllium broke at an unexpected angle. Most people termed the exception as a lab error. But, the scientists again witnessed the same thing while experimenting with an exciting helium atom. On commenting about the development, Jonathan Feng, a United States-based physics professor, predicts Nobel Prize for the discovery. 

More about the Fifth Force

Scientists consider that there are four known forces, such as electromagnetism, gravity, weak nuclear power, and strong atomic force present in the visible universe. But for a long time, scientists are claiming the existence of a fifth force in the world. The fifth force is anticipated to be connected with the dark matter. Dark matter constitutes the majority portion of the universe, in terms of volume and mass. Albert Einstein also assumed such kind of a force in his ‘unified field theory.’

X17 has a mass of 17 mega-electron-volt. The potential particle has a life span of far less than a second, less than one trillionth of a second, to be exact. As a result, scientists are predicting that the particle is not carrying any of the four known forces, and suspecting having an effect beyond the visible universe. 

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