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People in different places across the United States, including California, are starting a movement to ban the new connections of natural gas. Most people feel that if the claim executed correctly, there would be a massive relief for the ongoing climate change process. But, the policy has tremendous side effects, as it will not decrease the emission, whereas it will hurt the reliability of the grid. 

The assumption mentioned above might seem perfect, but the devil is in the details. Today, most of the electricity produced in the world are using non-renewable energy sources, such as coal and natural gas. 

A place like California produces a tremendous amount of wind and solar energy. Sometimes the generated amount exceeds the limits of the infrastructure. As a result, the grid operators stop putting all the renewable energy into the grid to prevent overloading. They put the extra energy into the battery for using it in the later phase. But, cells are not a mainstream power source. As a result, some of the countries converted the rest electric energy to renewable gases. 

More about the Revolutionary Process

The process of converting renewable energy into renewable gas is straightforward. Scientists took the help of a simple technology called electrolysis to save renewable energy to renewable gases, in the form of Hydrogen. Once renewable energy converted into renewable gases, it can be stored in the storage facilities and existing pipelines. The technology is not new at all, and countries, such as Canada, the Netherlands, and Germany already using the technology successfully. 

The approach mentioned above could allow renewable energy to store in gaseous form. As a result, people can use renewable energy sources for their day to day life during the offseason. The University of California is testing the model for the last ten years. So, the study will help to reduce carbon emission in the United States and subsequently improve the air quality across the world. 

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