Scientists have observed the aspects that may make someone more likely to claim they listen to the voices of the dead.

According to a study published in 2021, an inclination to high levels of absorption in tasks, extraordinary auditory experiences in childhood, and an elevated susceptibility to auditory hallucinations all occur more strongly in self-described clairaudient mediums than in the broader population. The conclusions could help us better comprehend the upsetting auditory hallucinations that support mental illnesses.

Researchers are trying to comprehend better why some people with auditory experiences relate to Spiritualist expertise while others consider them more distressing and obtain a mental health diagnosis.

“Spiritualists tend to report unusual auditory experiences which are positive, start early in life and which they are often then able to control,” clarified the psychologist Peter Moseley of Northumbria University in the UK, after the study first came out.

“Understanding how these develop is important because it could help us understand more about distressing or non-controllable experiences of hearing voices too.”

The results suggest that experiencing the ‘voices of the dead’ is unlikely to be a consequence of peer pressure, a positive social context, or due to belief in the paranormal. Instead, these people adopt Spiritualism because it matches their experience and is personally influential to them.

“Our findings say a lot about ‘learning and yearning.’ For our participants, the tenets of Spiritualism seem to make sense of both extraordinary childhood experiences as well as the frequent auditory phenomena they experience as practicing mediums,” Powell announced when the study was published.

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