If you’re searching for something to watch over the weekend, you should add the recently launched Netflix series Soil to your watchlist.

At first sight, the series appears to be similar to Ozark or How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast). However, upon closer examination, you’ll notice that this show is genuinely distinctive, especially as you hear what strange industry these guys have gotten themselves in.

If you’re already interested, we strongly advise you to watch the film on Netflix. But, before, read on to discover everything there is to know about Soil.

Soil Synopsis.

Soil is the narrative of Ismael, a young man who chooses to start a company selling pure Moroccan Soil to families who want their loved ones buried in the precious Soil. His great concept first garnered him a lot of success, but he rapidly discovers why he shouldn’t play with the dead.

Netflix series Soil casts

The Soil cast includes:

Ward Kerremans play Jean-Baptiste.
Ben Hamidou plays Omar Boulasmoum
Ahlaam Teghadouini plays Nadia Boulasmoum.
Boumazoughe plays Rachid
Charlotte De Bruyne plays Alizee.
Tom Vermeir plays Brahim Le Soumis.
Mourade Zeguendi plays Imam
Reinhilde Decleir plays Rozanne.
Barbara Sarafian plays Marilou.

Finally, Lost Luggage actor Yassine Ouaich plays Ismael Boulasmoum in the new series. The trailer features Ouaich and the rest of the actors.

The first season presently has eight episodes, and each episode is under an hour long and has a TV-MA classification.

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