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Chris Evans and Selena Gomez are speculating dating rumors ever since Evans was spotted wearing the same sweater as Gomez in one of the Tik Tok videos of Taylor Swift tilled my bestie is a bad B—-.

From just that one appearance over the internet Selenators and Captain, America fans are making theories about the two. And they might be right because there’s a possibility to happen something romantically between Chris and Selena.

Both of them know each other for a very long time, they first met each other years back when Chris was in his 20s and Selena was a teen. They have hung out in the past and also admitted that they both have a crush on each other, but nothing started between the two. Selena started dating Justin Bieber back then.

Gomez was last seen with The Weeknd but they split quite quickly after their red carpet appearance and Chris was seen with somebody who is not properly identified, and fans anticipate it could be Selena and the couple might be secretly dating managing very high privacy in the paparazzi as their eagle-eyed cameras also failed to capture the two of them together.

The fans are going crazy over both of them and want this rumor to be true, they want them to see Gomez and Evans together for a long time. Both the actors have never openly addressed the topic.

Some believe that it can just be a bare rumor and some want it to be real. Well, we would say it’s a personal choice for both of them whatever happens fans will still love them for their talent and kind nature and we wish that they both find someone they want to be and grow together in the journey of life.

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