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‘Severance,’ a Dan Erickson thriller series, takes viewers on a mind-bending and reality-altering trip inside the inner workings of a multinational empire known as Lumon Industries. Mark Scout is a corporate employee who has gone through the “severance” procedure in the series.

While Mark is happy with his position, a sequence of circumstances forces him to look into the actual intrigues at Lumon Industries. Like Mark, we’re sure viewers are eager to learn more about what’s going on at Lumon. If you’re wondering how ‘Severance’ episodes 1 and 2 ended, here’s all you need to know! WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of severance ep 1 and 2

The first episode, titled ‘Good News About Hell,’ begins with a lady being exposed to a test within a closed room. We quickly learn that the test subject is Helly, a new hire at Lumon Industries and that the test conductor is Mark Scout. Mark worked in macro data refinement and was just promoted to Department Head. Petey, the prior Department Head, has departed the organization, resulting in Marks’ elevation. Petey and Mark were coworkers’ most incredible friends, but the severance process prevents Mark from recalling recollections of Petey outside of work.

Helly has been assigned to work in the macro data refining department with Mark, Dylan, and Irving as Petey’s successor. Although Helly takes some time to acclimatize to the severance surgery, she eventually realizes that she chose the procedure of her own free will. The process separates a person’s work-related memories from personal ones, resulting in a different consciousness inside the severed floor.

Outside of work, Mark spends time with his sister and her friends while grieving the loss of his wife, Gemma. He is visited by a mystery man who introduces himself as Petey and explains their professional friendship. Petey leaves Mark a greeting card with an address on the back, assuring that additional answers would be found at the location. Mark arrives home and speaks with Mrs. Selvig, his supervisor, Ms. Cobel.

In the second episode, named ‘Half Loop,’ Helly’s integration process continues. Helly quickly understands she wants to leave but cannot do so due to the company’s policies. She tries to flee but is apprehended by Mr. Graner. After accepting responsibility for Helly’s behavior, Mark is taken to the Break Room.

Mark considers Petey’s concerns in the outer world and chooses to investigate the address. Mark encounters Petey there, who explains that he has “unsevered” himself and has proof of a Lumon plot. Mark invites Petey to his home. As Mark mulls over the latest facts, Petey begins to suffer the harsh consequences of being unsevered.

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