Fans are still highly puzzled by all the abilities throughout the Grishaverse. Here’s all the information about the Grisha power. 

The “magic” experts of Shadow and Bone, known as Grisha, and their variations, including the Durast, a class of Fabrikator, have a complex terminology of their own. Even the most devoted viewers find the Netflix adaptation of Leigh Bardugo’s greatest book difficult due to its complicated lexicon, which describes the sorts and abilities of numerous Grisha, most famously the Durast.

Shadow and Bone, a renowned fantasy series, premiered in 2021 and is in its second season. This novel’s plot, inspired by Leigh Bardugo’s “Grishaverse” trilogy, centres on the fighter and orphan Alina Starkov, whose remarkable talent can change the battle path and the whole planet. According to the official description, season two will focus on “new relationships, new friendships, larger conflicts, epic journeys and a stunning family mystery that might ruin everything.” In contrast, season one tracked her adventure as she discovered and developed her ability.

What are Durast and the powers of Grisha?

According to the TUDUM website for Netflix, a Durast is a kind of Grisha that can manipulate objects made of solid material, such as metal, plants, glass and wood. They can even control objects like guns and bullets.

The Grisha are people who use tiny science. Grisha has the power to control things at its most basic level since all matter in the cosmos can be reduced to a small number of shared basic pieces. Although it appears to be magic, it is essentially the application of exact science that follows the physical rules. The Grisha is separated into three categories, Etherealki, Corporalki, and Materialki, each with special abilities.

Season 2 of Shadow and Bone is currently available on Netflix.

Image Credit – Netflix

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