The fifth episode, ‘Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie,’ titled ‘Jolly Times at the River!’ The show follows Izumi and his friends as they go to the river to rest. Izumi shows off her cooking skills, while Shikimori tries to cook something with her boyfriend. Trying to help the girl, Shikimori’s boyfriend suddenly finds a jug on his leg and begins to drown. You need to know about the end of episode 5 of ‘Shikimori’s Not Just Cutie.’

At the end of the test week, Shikimori and his companions boarded a train and headed for the river where they planned to rest. Once there, they were all impressed by the place’s natural beauty. They do not waste time and stop everything from starting cooking a picnic. When Izumi picks up a knife to cut the vegetables, Shikimori is tense, while others worry that he probably does not know much about cooking.

However, to their surprise, Izumi turns out to be calm all the time and seems to have a lot of experience. She not only easily cuts vegetables but also cooks a delicious lunch for her friends. When Shikimori, Hachimitsu, Inuzuka, and Nekozaki ate the food, they were amazed at how delicious it was. Izumi’s girlfriend is inspired by her cooking skills and tries to make her friends.

However, when her boyfriend eats her, Izumi can’t help but spit quickly. But he does not want to embarrass Shikimori, who has worked hard, so he eats the meal without complaining even though his girlfriend is protesting. They all go to the river to play when they have finished their lunch. Shikimori is worried about how Izumi will react to his swimsuit, which he bought at the mall. When Nekozaki realizes what troubling her is, she talks to him about it.

When Izumi notices Shikimori’s swimwear, she compliments him, making him have his day. After playing in the river as often as they wanted, Izumi and her friends went to a nearby market to buy something. While eating ice cream, Shikimori kisses her boyfriend indirectly and asks him to do the same. Unfortunately, Inuzuka, who does not know what the couple is doing, spends time eating Izumi ice cream. After a long day, Shikimori, Hachimitsu, Inuzuka, Izumi, and Nekozaki boarded the train and returned home, only to fall asleep on the road.

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