Signal App Gets Banned In China

According to the sources of the galaxy reporters and many of the news websites, the claim about the signal app which is the best chatting app in the world Signal App Gets Banned In China. The claims suggest that the Government of China banned the website of the ap Signal yesterday only and from today the app is also not available for the users to use or to download the same from the store.

Moreover, after being offered the blocks of the end-to-end encrypted messages by the signal on its app like the other apps that include WhatsApp and Telegram still the app gets blocked in China by the government. Moreover, the government of China gave no notice to the Apple messaging apps or the other securing apps and most of the apps are still not banned in China.

According to the famous tech, the website reports Tech crunch claims that “Chinese users of the instant messenger Signal knew that the good times wouldn’t last long. The app, which is used for encrypted conversations, is unavailable in mainland China as of the morning of March 16, a test by TechCrunch shows. The website of the app has been banned in mainland China since March 15, according to censorship tracking website A signal could not be immediately reached for comment. The encrypted chat app was one of the few Western social networks that remained accessible in China without the use of a virtual private network.”

Moreover, the app is still available for the Apple store which means that the users are still able to download the app from the apple store and the thing totally means that the government has given no notice to Apple regarding the ban of the app in the country and is still available.

Along with this, we all know that the use of VPN in China is illegal and if a VPN wants to operate in the country of china then the app should get a license to operate in the country but most of the VPN doesn’t use the policy and come for some time and after that gets banned by the government. Moreover, if the users want a real-life example that was the name of the game of whack-a-mole which gets banned in the country in all the play stores and app stores but was still available on the Apple Store so Apple was forced to delete all the files related to the game in that year only otherwise the Apple store will get also ban form the country.

So, overall Apple is no longer in a won position in china and is every year force to breach the laws that are complied by the government that are generally against human rights in that country.

Moreover, according to the sources it is claimed that the Apple CEO will be going for a press conference in the country and in that he will be telling about all the issues that are raised in the country but in the end, he is still helpless because of being the biggest manufacturing firm in that country.

So, that all was the article about the Signal App Gets Banned In China


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