Netflix dropped the Silverton siege trailer. It is an action thriller movie set to premiere on the 27th of April 2022.

This thriller movie is based on a real-life event in South Africa in 1980. Silverton Siege’s story is a plot around a trio of freedom fighters getting into a collision course with the state after a failed sabotage mission, which turns into a bank hostage stand-off. The trailer shows precisely that incident with the new footage starting with shots of police cars speeding down the road, a cop shooting out a car tire, and our freedom fighters running away from something. It is all cut alongside the voice-over of one of the freedom fighters, Calvin, played by Thabo Rametsi. Calvin narrates to the audience his tragic backstory of watching his parents get gunned down by police when he was a little boy, and his mission is to avenge them.

After this, it takes us toward the main part of the trailer, where Calvin and his other two freedom fighters enter the bank. One of the fighters announced (this is not good) before moving further according to their plan. After that, they take the bank hostage, and the police then surround the building.

One of the hostages says there is only one way the trio gets out of this, prison or death. Calvin reassures them that this is not a bank robbery and that they can go home if they all stay calm. The typical tension that arises from a situation occurs when another hostage says, You’re all the same. Nothing but criminals. This is the time when the tables turn around as Calvin suggests that if our lives are worth nothing, then maybe we negotiate for a life that is worth everything. They demand the release of Nelson Mandela, and the police have one hour to get it done.

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