Snoop Dogg opened up about how he plans to incorporate non-fungible tokens and other technologies into Death Row Records on the Full Send podcast.

At the 12:30 mark of the podcast, Snoop was asked how non-fungible token of any Death Row-related content and how could also benefit the fans. “So for example, in the Web3 space when you buy and trade art, whatever you trade… The consumer has the ability to own it, to trade it, to make money off of it,” he explained. “And then you’re able to get percentages off of the secondary and the third market, right, so picture doing that with music.”

Snoop Dogg said that by incorporating non-fungible tokens into the label’s business, which he became the owner of back in February.

“Picture me taking one of my classic records that you love to death, and you’ve always cherished it and it means so much to you. Now you have the right to buy it and own it, and to trade it and to make money off of it,” he continued. “Now you actually own a piece of Snoop Dogg’s legacy as opposed to, I have a copy of his CD that I lost. … Now you actually own something that’s actually yours that you can profit off of. I just feel like that’s where the industry is headed. Being in it for so many years, 30 years strong. My fans coming to show up for me, me charging them for everything. T-shirts, concerts, this, that, but not giving them shit back. Don’t sit right.”

When asked why he is the “only one” in the industry to have this level of commitment to Web3 technologies, Snoop said:

“I’m the CEO, the artist, all of the above,” he said. “So I’ll just ask myself, ‘Hey Snoop, is it okay if you do an NFT?’ ‘Sure do whatever you like!’ Everybody else gotta go to a label, a bunch of motherfuckers. … How many artists do you hear complaining about, ‘We don’t make money off our YouTube videos. We don’t make money off our streaming. The label won’t let me go, I can’t do this, I can’t do that.'”

Snoop discussed Taylor Swift’s efforts to reclaim her discography after Scooter Braun bought Big Machine’s catalog rights.

“She ain’t an old artist at all she’s quite new. What did she do? She remastered her album. Why? Because she wasn’t making revenues off of that album,” Snoop said before revealing that he considered a similar approach. “I was going to remaster my album. My son had told me years ago, he was like, ‘You should just remaster Doggy Style Pops, fuck all that. Just remaster it, you ain’t gotta worry about all that.'” he continued. “But I didn’t wanna go that approach, because you can’t remaster Doggy Style like you can remaster them R&B songs. That shit was a feeling, that shit was a moment. You can’t recapture that.”

Circling back around to his Death Row non-fungible token plans, Snoop Dogg said, “They know that they have so much control traditionally, and all that they’re hearing about in the non-fungible token metaverse space is that the artist has control,” Snoop said before comparing it to if NFL players started their league with complete control.

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