Patrick Mahomes
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After the day of the super bowl LV, Patrick Mahomes chief of the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback said that he was already preparing for the next season. Moreover, on Monday he told that she was studying in the film room after the match to the media.

When Patrick Mahomes was told to speak about the offseason than he is said that “I’m going to do whatever I can to look at the film and try to find ways to get better,” He also said that ” “With our offense and the success that we’ve had, when teams see the defensive plan that he had and how well it worked, they’re obviously going to try to do the same thing. Try to find ways to combat that and the evolution of our offense where we’re going to have to do better things and be more efficient.”

He said to the media that “And that really goes with me in not always looking for the big play but just finding ways to move the ball down the field,” Mahomes added. “And then just get back after it. You’ve got to prepare yourself and find ways to better yourself physically, mentally.”

Moreover, Mahomes and chiefs were trying to become the first team since the New England Patriots of the year 2000 in order to repeat the super bowl Champions, but both of them came back in the league in the dirt game.

Although the best duo of every league was named as Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the match with the victory of the 31-9 scores and the defense of the game was led by the Todd Bowles and the chiefs for the first time were in the single digits in their career.

It was Mahomes’ career first game in which he faces a loss by the defending team.

Moreover, he also said that “I thought I did a good job towards the end of the season of being more efficient, “Obviously didn’t do that in the Super Bowl, but I’m going to try to find ways to better myself that way. I mean just being more efficient, taking what’s there, especially with these teams playing such deep coverages against us, moving the ball downfield and it’s something that I kind of have to battle with because I have such an aggressive nature and want to have the big play. But as I watch the film and really study myself, I’ll have to get better at that so I can become a better quarterback at the end of the day.”

That’s all was the talk from the Chiefs’ Patrick on the day of the match after he was studying in the film room.

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