SpaceX has revolutionized space travel in many forms. Whether it is the entrance of a private player into the industry or the successful launch of the reusable rockets. SpaceX achieved something unique that no other private players were able to achieve in the entire history of the industry. The private entity is planning to launch a network of satellites that will provide internet to remote locations. 

But surprisingly, SpaceX launched the lowest number of rockets in the last four years. The organization launched 21 rockets in 2018, whereas the number was 18 in 2017. But this year, SpaceX launched only 11 missions. Among the 11 orbital launches this year, two involves the firm’s highly reputed Heavy Falcon rockets. As the year is yet to end, the number likely to increase further. People involved in such developments predict the number to lies somewhere between 12 to 14. 

To cover-up the number, the organization is planning to launch several missions at the end of this year. SpaceX will launch the most important mission of the year this week. The organization will take NASA’s supply to the International Space Station on Wednesday, this week. The supply includes a highly anticipated robot hotel in the ISS. The robot hotel is nothing but a garage where the robots will rest in their free time. Expert suggests that the hotel would protect these robots from harmful radiations in the space. The flight named CRS 19 Scheduled to launch on the 4th of December at 12;51 pm from an Air Force station located in Florida. The weather report suggests that the weather will be suitable for the launch. 

More about SpaceX

The company formed way back in 2002 and known for producing highly advanced and capable spacecraft s and rockets. 2010 was quite a remarkable year for the company, as it launched the first-ever reusable rocket in the long history of space exploration. 

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