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A SpaceX’s commercial Dragon supply ship is now heading toward the International Space Station. On 5th December, the company launched this crewless spacecraft to ISS for NASA. As per the report, this is the last cargo mission of SpaceX for this year. The cargo ship is carrying some resupply for ISS and also some holiday surprises. 

About The New Spacecraft Launch

The Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from the Cape Canaveral Air Force. The time was 12:29 PM (EST). The rocket left the station following a delay of 24 hours due to substantial wind speed.

The clear blue sky above the launch site lets to get a clear picture of the soaring rocket, moving toward the ISS. It is the 19th delivery mission of SpaceX for NASA. Now, the Dragon is moving towards ISS to deliver the third batch of supplies. 

What are there in the Dragon Cargo Ship? 

As per the report, it is carrying 40 genetical-engineered. There are more than 2500 kilograms of supplies, which include 952 kilograms of the experimental equipment. This will help in conducting different experiments in various fields. This includes examining how seeds grow in space, new methods of storing equipment, and more. 

What’s Next For SpaceX?

SpaceX is now gearing up for the next launch during the mid of December. The rocket would take off from Cape Canaveral’s pad 40. 

A new Falcon 9 rocket spotted near pad 40 on Thursday without and payload. The Falcon 9 features a used first stage booster and a new second stage booster. 

Some report suggests that it may take the JCSAT 18/Kacific satellite, which is a communication satellite. The satellite is designed and developed to facilitate better broadband signals through the Asia Pacific. 

It may be noted that the launch of the satellite was first scheduled for around 15th December. But for now, the company has not given any information about the launch. 

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