The desire to urinate in or around the ocean? Wierd, or maybe not. We don’t judge. Fortunately, those who desire such a thing can now be satisfied that this is possible. Thanks to a lovely ocean resort in Galicia, Spain, titled Vigo, it is now possible and affordable to all but the very rich to urinate in or around the ocean.

Unfortunately, those who wish to maintain their dignity or are too shy would have to hold it and have antibiotics on hand for the resultant urinary tract infection. This is due to the lack of public toilets there.

A statement published in The Economist says that it is a fundamental human right to have Universal access to public toilets. And many activists are fighting for those who aren’t getting this right.

Their statement summarises, “… In the 1950s and 60s civil-rights protesters decried “whites only” restrooms. Margaret Fong Eu took a sledgehammer to a toilet fastened in chains outside the state capitol to rebel against pay toilets in public buildings, arguing that they seated an undue burden on women because urinals were often free. To help it, Activists spilled fake urine over the steps of Harvard’s Lowell Hall in 1973, demanding “potty parity” in the fair distribution of male and female bathrooms.

This movement and thought process is supported by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, which has recently become the de facto public toilet. In the statement shared in Curbed, it is revealed that Howard Schultz’s company was reconsidering the open-to-all bathroom policy that was set in place in 2018. Unfortunately, he seems to have a change in thought and prefers to keep their toilers private to minimize any effect their presence has on paying customers in the coffee shops.

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