Splitsvilla X3, the show is going interesting with every episode passing by. In the latest episode of Splitsvilla X3, we have seen there were two teams and it was a task between both the ideal matches. So both the ideal matches i.e. Kat, Kevin and Jay, Aditi chooses their teams for the task.

splitsvilla x3

With Katvin, here are Nikki & Sam, Garry & Avantika, and Dhruv & Sapna while on the other side i.e. Jayditi, they had Shivam & Palak, Nikhil & Bhumica, and Trevon & Arushi. It was the task where the teams have to get the maximum number of hearts out of 6.

The task has a total number of 2 rounds. The first round for girls while the second round for boys. In the first round where girls have to get more hearts. Team Jayditi’s girls performed pretty well. It seems as if they gonna surely win this task. Well! team Jayditi scored 5 goals. All the girls coordinated so well and scored a good target. While on the opposite side, team Katvin scored only 1 goal. There was a difference of 4.

Splitsvilla X3 Today’s Episode

Now comes the boy’s turn. Team Jayditi was already leading with 4 goals. But will the boys gonna sustain this lead and take the advantage of this task? Unfortunately, nothing happened like that!

In the second round where boys have to give their best. Team Katvin just had only 1 single goal by Kat. The boys started so well when Garry got the first goal from the team. Finally, they got motivated. Slowly slowly, team Katvin made 2 goals then moved to 3 then 4. This way they have made an amazing score.

What we seeing on the other side, the team who was in lead has not made even a single goal so far. This was so disheartening at that moment. Girls are feeling really so bad when they see how their boys have performed. And Shivam was so fool, he himself does not know what he was actually doing in the task.

When they find themselves losing the gameplay, the team Jayditi starts fighting with each other only. Now what happens is, both the teams are at the same score. Both the teams have 5 goals to their account. It was a tie but now, there comes the situation when both the teams have to come up with their 3 best strikers throughout.

From the team Katvin, there are Kevin, Kat, and Garry. While from the opposite team Jayditi, there are Bhumica, Jay, and Trevon. Garry comes first and makes it a count. From the opposite team, Jay comes first and he skipped it. In the next round, Kat comes and again she made it. While Bhumica missed the shot. Here turn the tables. Team Katvin which seems to lost the task won the task while the other team Jayditi that was leading by 5 lost the task.

Now, in the upcoming episode of Splitsvilla X3, you’ll see the task where it’s a game of love letters. Well! the couples have to make words with the letters. Boys will be blindfolded and girls have to tell them to place the letters to make it a correct word. Avantika is so confused that she couldn’t even guide Garry with the spelling. Kat even says her, doesn’t she knows the spelling? Let’s see how it goes further. Stay tuned with us for more updates and related information on Splitsvilla X3.

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