Spokane, Geza. – Spokane City Council received enough votes on Monday night to reinstate its water conservation law, and the council voted to overturn Mayor Nadine Woodward’s decision on the bill.

That means the law will come into force in June 2023.

Everyone agrees that we need to save water, but the city council and the mayor were divided over how to do this.

As this law is being read, it does not include any fines for citizens who water their lawn outside permitted hours, and it does not provide any incentives.

The law sets out two levels of water conservation measures that will take effect every year between June and October:

Level 1:

Plant irrigation is not allowed between 10 a.m., and 6 p.m. Residents can water their lawn outside of those hours, only four times a week, and no more than two hours a day.

Level 2:

This measure applies when the Spokane River is predicted to fall below 1,000 cubic feet per second or when the mayor or council announces a state of emergency. At that time, irrigation of plants was banned between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. And water consumption will be reduced to two hours a day, only two days a week.

Although there are no penalties under the current law, the council may change this over time. This will include adding additional charges or raising water prices for offenders.

Council President Breean Beggs told KREM 2 that there is no law in this law. He said the city’s water department would immediately educate residents and consult with the community on the importance of complying with the new water use policy.

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