“Spotify has secretly started to enable real-time lyrics on the Google Nest Hub, “according to an announcement from 9to5Google. The feature facilitates the user to use Spotify to listen to music while watching lyrics that change as the song proceeds. “It is already available on iOS, Android, gaming consoles, desktop PCs, and some smart TVs.”

Although the release of the function hasn’t been officially acknowledged by Spotify, several users have reported watching real-time lyrics on their Nest Hub gadgets.

When the user selects a song, the lyrics icon is supposed to be displayed in the bottom-right corner of the screen. By clicking on the icon, the user may access the feature, as per the report by 9to5Google.

It’s not clear exactly when or where Spotify made this element available. The Verge asked for a statement from Spotify but did not obtain a response right away whatsoever.

Real-time lyrics were firstly only available to users in a few South American, Central American, and Asian nations. However, everyone may presently sing karaoke or understand the words to a new song because of this feature’s global expansion this November.

As per a report by The Verge, Spotify initially worked together with Genius for its “Behind the Lyrics” feature, which has since been released in favor of real-time lyrics. Also, Musixmatch, a music data provider, presently delivers real-time lyrics.

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