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After the update to the iOS apps by Apple, now Spotify has also updated to a new version in order to run the same on the iOS devices for a better experience. In a new blog spot, the company just posted the line about the new update that “new improved look and feel for the app for desktop and web – aligning the experience and making both easier to use than ever before.”

Moreover, the company also said that “Since the desktop experience served as the original window to the world for Spotify, this was not a task we took lightly. It took months of tests and research, talking to users, and gathering feedback. Now, we’re pleased to deliver a new, clean design, more controls, and a great new foundation for our listeners to use Spotify across our desktop app and web player for the years to come.”

The new update brings a brand new version to the home screen and now the user can easily access the content that is the most important in the user’s library and the creation of the playlists in the user’s search engine. Along with this, the main function that is added that the users like the most are the function of directly dragging and dropping the songs directly to the playlists of the user.

Now here is the list of changes in the new window of the app

first comes the search tab that now the user can find the search tab on the left page of the navigation bar. After that comes the talk of the listener’s profile is that the profile will now include the top artists and tracks. then comes the menu section that allows the user to directly play the artists radio or the song radio just by clicking on the option of that.

Now comes the main change feature that is about the playlists. Now the user can easily tailor the playlists according to his or her own wish and now the user can also write the description and could upload images or could drag and drop the same. the user could also use the new embedded search bar and could edit the queue and moreover could view the recently played features too and moreover Apple’s new sorting feature is also there through the use of the drop-down menu that is present on the right side.

Moreover, now the premium subscribers to the app could save the playlists and could hear the same when they are offline also. In the end, the company also says that “The redesigned experience of the Spotify desktop and web apps makes the features much easier to use,”

That’s all was the article about the Spotify new update to the Mac and other web apps.


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