This year Taylor Swift was the second most played artist in the world in 2021 and the top female artist in the world.

Here are the Top 11 Jokes on Twitter:

  1. benjamin wrote: “and they say i only listen to taylor swift”


2. sarah wrote: my spotify wrapped said u listen to too much taylor swift and ur always in ur feelings talk to a therapist


3. leah wrote: everyone when i pretend to be surprised that taylor swift has once again dominated my spotify wrapped 2021


4. fraki wrote: the woman is sad @taylorswift13


5. sara wrote: everyone with taylor swift as their top artist is hot


6. omzo wrote: taylor swift I pay your bills and i demand a music video for august and cruel summer


7. Ashlee Latimer wrote: check on your friends who had taylor swift AND bo burnham in their top spotify wrapped


8. emma lord wrote: honestly if i hadn’t made the top 1% of taylor swift’s listeners i’d have canceled my own self


9. Miranda Jo wrote: Depressed? Couldn’t be me. #SpotifyWrapped #evermore #TaylorSwift


10. evernore era wrote: the chokehold she has on me. #SpotifyWrapped #taylorswift






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