As we all know that Apple’s iPhone Flip is always been a rumor for the audience as no one believed in that at that time. But this time one thing is for sure that Apple will be launching a foldable phone that will be iPhone Fold. Moreover, now instead of A Clamshell design, it will be a flip that will be opening to an extending screen. Now the question may arise in the minds of the users that why not an iPhone fold looks like a book just like the Samsung fold?

Moreover, the concept of the iPhone fold is originated by a famous YouTuber known as Svyatoslav Alexandrov. who recently posted a video on youtube relating to the iPhone fold that might Apple be thinking of launching in the near future. In the video, the mobile is very similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The video shows the better than the clamshell design that the leakers have already claimed for the Apple’s foldable.

In the video, Alexandrov showed that the size of the display will be around a 6.3-inch screen when the mobile phone is folded and the screen size will be 8-inch when the mobile phone is unfolded. As we all know that opening up an iPhone would be meaning that after unfolding the iPhone it will look the same as the iPad Mini. The device is also be considered to be larger than the iPad Mini that is enough to be considered to be a tablet.

The video also showcases a sleek iPhone concept that might Apple think of doing it. And moreover, instead of relying on the face ID on the fold and there will be a touch ID, that will be using the fingerprint sensor for unlocking the phone, and then the user might be able to unlock the phone more factor than the face ID.

Now talking about the camera the expectation is that there will be a front camera and in the back, there will be 3 cameras just like the iPhone 12 is now having however, the back camera will come out with more optics only. The setup at the back might include a LIDAR sensor that is already in the iPhone models nowadays.

Moreover, Alexandrov also showed up a telltale notch on the outer screen smaller in general and by choosing the option for the touch ID with one front camera.

At last, the concept of Apple fold is compatible with MagSafe and 5g, but the YouTuber has still not clarified on the concept that whether the fold will be with the pencil to what types of hinges will be available with Fold. In the video, the fold will be having a processor of A15 with an 8-inch display and with surround speakers. The device will be available in 5 different colors according to the video.

That’s all was the video about the new Apple iPhone Fold video.

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