We had high hopes for the end of the first season of “Strange New Worlds,” and the drama has already built on the first installment of episode 9. The title of “All Wanderers” this episode is not disappointing and marks it. Undoubtedly, the darkest installment of the best-selling live movie “Star Trek” is currently on air.

It starts in the same way as it ends, in a spirit of sadness as Cadet Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding) has concluded her appointment to the USS Enterprise board and – for some unexplained reason – is still thinking before deciding. About what to do next. There is no unemployment, age discrimination, or xenophobia in the 23rd century, or he will hold on to this fantastic opportunity with both hands as his life depends on it.

While on a regular mission to the [deep K-7 space station] to deliver [vidium energy cells], Captain Pike (Anson Mount) receives one more important order; USS Peregrine activates pre-emptive emergency backup in the category L emergency, Valeo Beta V. It has been decided, during the best forum, that Business under the direction of Lt Cmdr Chin-Riley (Rebecca Romijn) will move on to K -7. At the same time, the two-seater motorcycle team will continue to Valeo Beta Five, rescue any survivors and, if possible, rescue the ship.

Joined Pike on tour are Spock (Ethan Peck), Nurse Chapel (Jess Bush), Lt. Noonien-Singh (Christina Chong) and Cadet Uhura, and Drs. M’Benga (Babs Olusanmokun), Lt Hemmer (Bruce Horak), Lt George Kirk (Dan Jeannotte), and the recently promoted Lt Duke (Ted Kellogg) and Cadet Chia (Jessica Dannecker).

The surface of the Valeo Beta V is solid, frozen rock, or as Hemmer explains, like Andoria. Ion storms in the atmosphere prevent long-distance contact and transport. The Sombra-class star is quickly found, but so are the frozen and mutilated corpses, all wearing Starfleet uniforms.

Very soon, a vibrant, evocative tone is developed, and these machines will not be a picnic. Upon entering the late Federation, the departure team quickly found blood vessels and was able to play the final record from Captain Alice Gavin (pronounced Liza Seneca). It turned out that transporter filters did not detect Gorn’s infection in one of the crew and a deadly xenomorph attack began among the star, which led to their eventual death.

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