Shawn Levy, who is said to be the man behind the soon-to-be-released blockbuster “Free Guy,” which is set to land in UK cinemas this summer, is confident of the fact that his other global grossing hit, “ The Stranger Things Season 4” will be the most cinematically ambitious season till now.

The recent announcement that season 4 will not be screened until next year dashed the fans’ hopes that they will be able to watch it before Christmas. Levy, who spoke to Yahoo, believes that this part will be worth the wait the makers are putting the audience through.

He also explained that they could air the season right now if it were in their hands and not due to something beyond their control and access. “The delay is also since season four is by far the most cinematically ambitious and creative season the team has ever tried to do. It’s exceptional yes, but it takes time to do it right.” He continued.

The Stranger Things star Joe Keery is on his team of the Free Guy, who is said to be playing the role of a video game designer. In the film, Ryan Reynolds plays the role of a bland bank teller guy who somehow discovers that he is a Non-Playing character in Keery’s game. Keery, along with a fellow designer, has to enter the game themselves to win back the ideas stolen from them with the help of Guy.

Levy is said to have a thing for “repeated collaborations.” Therefore, he has another film called The Adam Project with Ryan Reynolds, and the film is to be released in 2022.

Free Guy was released in the cinemas on 13 August 2021.

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