Stranger Things lovers, your wait is nearly over! We’re getting close to the Stranger Things season 4 part 1 Netflix release date, and we’ve been prepping for the highly anticipated release. We want to provide the parent’s guide and age rating for the new episodes, which will premiere on May 27.

Season 4 appears to be the darkest and most mature season ever. Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard indicated in an interview with The Matt Wilkinson Show that the fourth season will be “really messed up, and it’s going to frighten people out a lot.” There was even talk that the successful original series’ age rating had been raised to TV-MA for the fourth season. However, because Netflix has yet to confirm the report, we’ll have to assume the age rating remained the same until proven otherwise.

Parents Guide and Age Rating for Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1

The first half of the fourth season is classified TV-14 as of May 23. In prior seasons, this age classification has been assigned to the sci-fi show, so it’s nothing new. The TV-14 type indicates that the show contains content that many parents believe is unsuitable for children aged 14 and younger. Blood and gore, smoking, and brutal violent scenes are examples of inappropriate content. Some of the characters will also use mild to harsh language.

Stranger Things is notorious for featuring creepy-looking animals, and the fourth season is expected to do the same. Vecna, the season’s newest opponent, appears briefly in the Strangers Things season 4 official trailer. Younger listeners will undoubtedly be terrified by the beast. Overall, parents are strongly advised to use extreme caution.

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