Apple TV+’s original science fiction psychological thriller, Severance, has become highly popular due to its unique plotline and brilliant performance. The show’s first season stands with an average rating of 8.5/10. The consensus reads, “Audacious, mysterious, and bringing fresh insight into the perils of corporate drudgery, Severance is the complete package.”

The show’s main protagonist, Mark Scout, is an ordinary worker who believes that all is good in his life. He works in the Macro Data Refinement division, part of the “severance” program. Suffering from the death of his wife, he embarks upon a journey as he slowly but steadily uncovers the web of conspiracy from both sides of the division.

Abbott Elementary is an ongoing mockumentary sitcom streaming on the ABC network. The series is developed by Quinta Brunson and has released nine episodes so far. The show made its debut on December 7, 2021.

It pivots around a group of devoted, inspirational teachers and a tone-deaf principal brought together in a Philadelphia public school called Willard Abbott Elementary. They are persistent in helping their students thrive in life. It tracks their hardships and struggles as these extraordinary public servants are outnumbered and underfunded. But it also concentrates on their adoration and passion for their students’ wellbeing and success.

Both the series have gained an audience worldwide and are a big hit for the streaming outlets. They share in common their plotline, which illustrates the feeling people feel about their jobs, work-life balance, and co-worker camaraderie during the Covid-19 era.

Despite varying approaches, the shows’ characters have contemplated quitting, among other existential concerns about work. They raised similar questions like Does my work have meaning? Is my employer evil? Am I more than my job title?

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