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On Friday night, an armed suspect surrendered who allegedly held a women hostage. According to the report, the gunman kept one bank employee inside. He asked several other people to leave the business. The women’s bank employee was kept by the gunman as a hostage for several hours throughout the evening. 

The situation at Rockford Credit Union

On Friday evening, the incident took place at the Rockford Credit Union, where a gunman took a women’s bank employee hostage. After several hours, the suspect was taken into custody. The police called for the report at around 2:45 p.m. The police came to the location and were able to convince the suspect, and then the suspect surrender at 9 p.m. 

The situation at Rockford Credit Union was unstable for ninety minutes on Friday afternoon. The suspect entered the heritage Credit Union and asked everyone to leave, and a women bank employee was unable to get out of the bank and kept as a hostage for several minutes. According to the police, the standoff was left without injuries after the negotiators try. The suspect personally contacted by the FBI and was successful in convincing the suspect to leave the bank employee hostage without damage. 

After the suspect surrendered, he was taken into custody, and the bank employee who was held hostage was taken to a hospital. The police chief said that the woman was taken to the hostel to check wheatear there is any injury or not. As per the official, the suspect is not yet identified, and investigation will be done. The incident was resolved very quickly, and no one was injured or harmed during the incident. 

The investigation is going on, and the charges were expected to be filled through the officials.

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